What Is the REFUND process? Unfortunately, GALAXI GIRL is not able to offer refunds on Hair Bundles, Frontals, Closures, Wigs, or any other hair products, ONLY under the circumstance that we deliver your order incorrect, are we able to offer a full refund. Because our factories are overseas, it is extremely difficult for us to negotiate refunds from the vendors. 

How long will It take my order to SHIP OUT?
ALL Bundles, Frontals & Closures ship within 1-3 business days.
ALL Wigs ship within 3-5 business days.

Am I able to choose EXPEDITED/2-DAY SHIPPING?
Unfortunately, we do NOT offer expedited or 2-day shipping due to the location and general production time of our Hair Factories.

Can I PICK UP my hair order same-day?
GalaxiGirlHair.com is online only for now :)

Can I book a hair appointment with Easy Breezie?
Please send an email to EasyBreezieBooking@gmail.com for your appointment request to be considered.

Should I CO-WASH my Bundles?
Bundles naturally becomes softer and easier to style if gently co-washed with a moisturizing shampoo, conditioned and then air-dried.

Will I have to CUSTOMIZE my Wigs and Lace Products?
Wigs, Lace Frontals and Lace Closures all come lightly plucked, but It is highly recommended for you to Pluck and Bleach the "Knots" on the hair line before application for the most natural appearance.

HOW MANY Bundles do I need?
(4x4) or (5x5) Lace Closure Install: At least 3
(13x4) or (13x6) Lace Frontal Install: At least 2
Partial Install w/ Natural Leave-Out: At least 3

How many Bundles do I need for an Install with 32"-40" Hair?
You will need at least 5 Bundles for a full look.
(The ends on 32"-40" Bundles are NOT AS THICK as the shorter lengths.)

Can I purchase WHOLESALE HAIR from GalaxiGirlHair.com?
Yes! You can become an official V.I.P. Wholesale Member and have access to ALL of our products at low, wholesale prices. Please visit the "Wholesale" Tab on GalaxiGirlHair.com and become a seller today!

Can I be an Official GALAXI GIRL HAIR Brand Ambassador?
Yes! We sponsor Hairstylists & Beauty Content Creators! Send your Full Name, Location and Social Media Platforms to GalaxiGirlHair@gmail.com!